1) Procurement

Procurement involves buying decisions. We procure the product from the farmers of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. The purchase areas mainly include Nasik, Bhuj and different areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our collection Centers, where the collection of all merchandise is done, are in Mumbai which covers Maharashtra, and Bhuj, which covers areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

2) Sorting

At the collection centers, merchandise is sorted in different categories depending upon the quality, whether it is for export market, local market or for processing. The good stuff is selected, and the poor quality is rejected. Good stuff is further moved for grading.

3) Grading

Then, the pomegranates are differentiated and graded in different SKU’s based on color, weight, and size.

4) Packaging

The pomegranates are packed in the lot sizes of 2.5 kgs, 3 kgs, and 3.5 kgs for exports and 2.5 kgs, 3 kgs and 10 kgs for domestic distribution. The pomegranates are packed in corrugated boxes.

5) Pre-Cooling

After packaging, pre-cooling of the packed product is done which is required for increasing the shelf life of our product, and for maintaining the quality of our product.

6) Cold Storage

The pomegranates are perishable goods and we take utmost care by storing it in a cool, dry and safe warehouse. Our warehouse protects the product from any kind of damage and rotting. Our cold storage is maintained at 5 Degree Celsius.

7) QC

Quality check is performed from time to time to ensure that our pomegranates meet the quality requirements.

8) Logistics

We make sure that the pomegranates are transported safely.

9) Export/Domestic Distribution

Our Domestic Distribution office is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from where the product is supplied to the wholesalers. In the UAE, our office is in Dubai, from where the pomegranates are further supplied to the rest of the Middle East. Another Sales Office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.