Pomegranate Supplies in Gujarat

Nuvri is the pomegranate exporter from Kutch, Gujarat and supplies farm-fresh pomegranates in India and outside India. Our cold storage is in Bhuj and we supply farm fresh pomegranates to the wholesalers and retailers. We acquire our product directly from the farmers and supply throughout the year.

Pomegranate export from Gujarat

The pomegranate is the superfruit and has high demand worldwide because pomegranates are loaded with important nutrients. Asia is the highest consumer and producer of pomegranates. India is the highest producer of pomegranates, which exports to other parts of Asia, Europe, and North America.

Pomegranate is the important fruit crop grown in various areas of Gujarat. Gujarat is the third largest producer of pomegranates in India. The pomegranate supplies are made available throughout the year by tailoring the harvest as per the demand.

Pomegranate exporter in Ahmedabad

The pomegranates grown in different parts of the country are transported to the big cities. Ahmedabad is the wholesale market of pomegranates and the pomegranates are collected fromdifferent growing areas for the wholesale markets. Nuvri is the pomegranate supplier in Bhuj for local and international distribution.

How are we Better?

We Serve Regularly

This fruit has a great demand in all the seasons. Hence, we export the pomegranates in every season- whether it is spring, summer, and winter.

Farm Fresh

We acquire our merchandise directly from farmers from different parts of India.

Quality Assurance

We provide a pure and authentic product to our consumers. The various quality checks are performed at our centers where the poor quality is rejected, and good quality is retained.

Bhagwa Variety

We supply bhagwa variety of pomegranates which is the finest quality and has the highest acceptance worldwide. Bhagwa variety contains sweeter seeds and the pomegranates are bigger and glossy.

We store the pomegranates at the right temperature and use hygienic packing material which is fit for international and domestic supply.

Reach us!

  • Gujarat Office:
  • 32 Prime Industrial Estate GIDC,
  • Bhuj, Kutch,
  • Gujarat, India - 370001