Vibhor Gupta is the Managing Director of the company. Vibhor belongs to a business family. Since childhood, Vibhor had a love for pomegranates and liked eating pomegranates a lot. He used to see the minute details of the fruit even when he was a child. Also, he wanted to pursue a business where he can work for the community as well as provide a healthy product to the consumers. This was not easy for him to enter into a new business. But perseverance and his focus towards the goal helped him achieve what he wanted. In 2016, Vibhor founded the company with his wife Nikita Gupta, with an idea to supply farm fresh pomegranates to the consumers. His purpose behind this was the upliftment of farmers by eliminating middlemen and supplying healthy product to the consumers. He started this business with the trading of pomegranates. With time, the company grew and became the major exporters of pomegranates. Also, he succeeded in eliminating the middlemen as the pomegranates are directly procured from the farmers at Nuvri, and then further supplied to the retailers. In the coming years, he plans to work on various parts of the pomegranate which are used in the cosmetics industry.

Nikita Gupta is the CEO of the company. Her strong, analytical mind and technical skills made her pursue engineering. She has strong business roots as she belongs to a business family. She always dreamt of having her own business and turned her dreams into reality with the formation of NUVRI. She really worked hard and used her skills for establishing the company. With Nuvri, she has got a direction for her life and wants to serve the consumers with a healthy product while working on the upliftment of farmers.