Pomegranate Supplies in Dubai

Nuvri is the pomegranate exporter from India to the Middle East. Our office is in Dubai and weare the leading pomegranate supplier from India supplying farm fresh pomegranates to the wholesalers and retailers in Dubai. The product is further distributed and reexported to different areas of the Middle East.

Global Markets

The pomegranates have the largest consumption in China, followed by Netherlands and the USA. UAE is among the countries with high consumption of pomegranates.

High Demand

The pomegranates are considered as superfoods and the demand for the fruit is rising globally. Its high demand is because of numerous health benefits. Pomegranates can be consumed raw, in the form of juice, syrups, jams, used in beauty products and various other industries. There is a growing demand for pomegranates in Dubai mainly infood and cosmetics industry.

Highest producer- India

India is the highest producer of pomegranates all over the world. The pomegranates are grown throughout the year in India. The production in India is rising by 20 to 25% every year. India also produces a greater number of unique varieties of pomegranates like bhagwa pomegranates as compared to other countries.

India Pomegranates Market in UAE-Dubai

UAE is among the major export destinations from India. And Nuvri is the major Indian pomegranate supplier in Dubai. More than 30% of Indian pomegranate exports are in UAE. There are large number of pomegranate importers in UAEfor Indian pomegranates. There is a rising demand for pomegranates in Dubai year on year.The intake of pomegranates is beneficial to health as it consists of unique plant compounds, which benefits in diseases like obesity, flu, diabetes, etc. Indian pomegranates consist of more punicalagin as compared to other ones.

How are we Better?

We Serve Regularly

This fruit has a great demand in all the seasons. Hence, we export the pomegranates in every season- whether it is spring, summer, and winter.

Farm Fresh

We acquire our merchandise directly from farmers from different parts of India.

Best Quality

The various quality checks are performed at our centers where the poor quality is rejected, and good quality is retained.

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