The Wonder Fruit Pomegranate.

As the corona pandemic is spreading across the world, more n more theories of the virus infection are being brought forward. Earlier it was said that the virus affects the throat region (respiratory system) of the person, but the latest scientific studies claim that the virus has the potential to damage affected person’s organs and also the blood circulation system. A corona patient can have a higher mortality rate due to blood clot or blood coagulation. Some studies also say that due to the coronavirus the antibodies of the infected person get programmed to attack the good cells in the bloodstream.

As per Dr Yatin Mehta, head of critical care at Medanta Autopsies conducted on several victims of Covid-19 in Italy were found to have their blood cells of lungs, kidneys or brains badly clogged.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, it becomes imperative that the people start eating and living healthy to build a strong immune system to respond faster and protect oneself from the dreaded virus.

People should start eating natural foods which help in boosting one’s immunity. There are fruits which have good antioxidants and help in building good immunity. Pomegranate is one such super fruit.

Did you know? Pomegranate is a natural blood thinner. The rich antioxidant properties of the fruit can help in preventing the blood platelets from coagulating and forming clots. As the consumption of pomegranates boosts the immunity It helps in preventing the antibodies from attacking the good cells in the blood, thus helping the affected persons from a cardiac arrest. 

Pomegranates not only improves blood circulation but also stimulates the removal of toxins and wastes. This wonder fruit not only thins the blood but also reduces the level of bad cholesterol and saves the body from its harmful effects and thus building its strong immunity system. 

Pomegranate in juice form also increases the level of oxygen in the blood and help the blood to circulate more freely in the body. 

Apart from these benefits the super nutritious fruit pomegranate also is beneficial for persons suffering from arthritis as it reduces the inflammation on the damaged cartilages.

Also, the one big factor which goes in favour of this fruit is that it’s available throughout the year.

So to sum it up it will be very apt to assert that consumption of fruits and vegetables in their natural form can be beneficial for their remedial qualities and pomegranates certainly qualify hands down as a natural wonder fruit due to its antioxidant properties.