World Homeopathy Day 2020

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the system of medicine which is based on the theory that the body has the power to heal itself. This system was founded more than 200 years ago. Homeopathy uses highly diluted substances that help our body to cure itself. It is based on the theory “like cures like”. It is used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It is used by more than 200 million people across the globe.

Homeopathy Treatment

This system of medicine follows a holistic approach in the treatment of individuals, where each individual is considered as unique for treatment purposes. The doctor inquires about the eating habits, sleeping patterns, lifestyle, etc. for deciding the type of homeopathic medicine. This is because the doctor matches the symptoms to the illness in your body. The medicines of homeopathy come in the form of sugar pellets, tablets, creams, gels, and other liquids. It is used in the treatment of flu, nausea, toothache, headache. Also, it is used in curing some chronic diseases like depression, migraine, arthritis, allergies, etc.

World Homeopathy Day

The World Homeopathy Day is celebrated in the memory of the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. This great German researcher was born on this day. Also, this day is to understand the challenges in the development of this system of medicine.  The awareness week is celebrated from April 10 to April 16, by homeopaths and those who have been healed with Homeopathy. The main focus is to increase public awareness and public accessibility for homeopathy.

Homeopathy in India

In India, Homeopathy was introduced in 19th century. Mahendra Lal Sarkar was the first homeopathic physician in India. Homeopathy was recognized as our national system of medicine in 1973. Homeopathy is a very popular system of medicine in India and second among the AYUSH.

A- Ayurveda

Y- Yoga and Naturopathy

U- Unani

S- Siddha

H- Homeopathy

India has the largest drug manufacturing sector of homeopathy.

Future of Homeopathy

At present, Homeopathy requires more research to improve and for the treatment of an acute form of diseases. The discoveries and in-depth research in this field will add strength to this form of medicine and will benefit future generations.